Everything a Woman Needs in One Small Pack!

Since starting planning for Life's a Beach Walk I've realised how important it is to carry as little weight as possible in my pack. I started out with a list of what I thought I absolutely needed stuffed into a huge pack totalling approx 15kg, and tried to do 10kms on sand, ahhgggh! So after exploring the world of ultralight backpacking and my own inner comfort zones I've managed to get the base weight (everything but food and water) of my pack down to 6kgs, not hard core but much better! 

This is all my gear on our lounge room floor ready to pack -  

Here is a list of life's essential 6kgs:

  652g - 50 Litre Back Pack (not pictured)         167g - First Aid and Repair Kit inc Epipen
1170g - 2 person single skin tent                     373g - Tarp/Poncho
  130g - Sand Pegs                                         175g - Thermal Top 
  370g - Sleeping Mat                                     160g - Thermal Pants
  590g - Sleeping Bag                                     200g - Shorts 
    80g - Pillow                                              277g - Warm Jacket
  206g - Stove and Pot                                   102g - Sarong/Towel
    25g - Lighter                                            72g - Singlets x2
  150g - Fuel Bottle and Fuel (metho)              210g - Long Pants
  245g - Camera                                          110g - T-shirt
  168g - Telephone                                         41g - Socks x2 pairs
    62g - Phone Charger                                   50g - Undies x2 pairs
    50g - MP3 player                                        95g - Swimming Costume
    62g - Headlamp                                          75g - Toothbrush, paste and floss
    21g - Water proof sac for electronics             90g - Soap
    40g - Garbage bags for floatation                 164g - Art Supplies              
                                                                    60g - Pads (just enough!) 

Plus water and food for the day(s), which will add an extra few kgs............what more could a girl want? A king sized inner sprung mattress and dooner, perhaps? Or maybe just another pair of socks?.....................................time will tell.