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Sometimes life is like a beach in delightful ways, and sometimes life is like a b***h!

ME/CFS (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) is a complex, physical illness related to the dysfunction of multiple body systems including the immune, neural, gastro-intestinal, endocrine, and cardiac systems. Symptoms include severe, physical and mental exhaustion, post-exertional malaise, widespread muscle and joint pain, headaches and other characteristic symptoms in a previously healthy and active person. People can be sick for months or for many years, some very severely.

The cause of ME/CFS is still unknown but commonly starts after an acute infection or physical trauma. The key document for diagnosing ME/CFS can be found here. There is currently no definitive treatment of ME/CFS so emphasis is on managing the illness. Research is needed to find answers. 

Please help ME/CFS Australia find the cause and treatment of ME/CFS by making a tax deductible donation.

Life's a Beach Walk was created by Rachel Klyve, a Paediatric Nurse who grew up in Sydney and now lives and works in the Northern Rivers of NSW. Rachel recovered from ME/CFS 8 years ago after many years of illness. When Rachel had ME/CFS walking to the letter box was a daily challenge, but now her sights are set on her home town of Sydney. She is walking 700kms because now that she's completely well she can! She has a backpack full of everything a woman needs and the determination to make a (small) difference to many people's lives.

Rachel and the Life's a Beach team will walk from Byron Bay to Sydney along the beach whenever possible, and over headlands and through rivers when it isn't possible! 

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